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Household Removals

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Based in South East London

In the last few years, we have done many moves for local government including:

Moving schools and adult colleges.

Relocating 273 office staff from an office block to new premises.

Helped with clearing local libraries for refurbishment and then reinstating.

Internal relocation of 280 staff in three days for the NHHG.( Staff restructure)

Relocation of sliding racking for archiving

Moving of vulnerable adults from care homes to Warden Assisted flats.

As well as

Moves for Social Services and The NHS.

Office moves for various charitable organisations, including Mencap, Workshop 305 and Calm

Moves for NHHG

Moves for Wandsworth Council

Moves for Wandsworth Museum, Hornimans Museum

Moves for The De Morgan Centre

Moves for Putney School of Arts

Moves for Merton Council.

Moves for Mckeeson UK

Moves for Access 21

Moves for Venus Asset Management Group

Moves for Ingram Publishing

Moves for Moy Construction

3 X Dismantling, Moving and re-erecting James May's Plasticine Garden, for Plumb Pictures production crew, The National Trust and East Staffordshire Borough Council

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